Meet Our Drone Operators

connor riley with his dog
After graduating from Elon University with a degree in Physics, Connor shipped off to serve as a US Navy Special Operations Officer in what he not so humbly (but pretty accurately) calls “The World’s Most Capable Bomb Squad”, Navy EOD.
Nine years of jumping out of planes and blowing things up later, he began the next chapter of his life as a contractor with Google’s Indoor Mapping project. It was at Google that Connor got his first taste of programming and GIS.
In 2014, after over a decade of being away, Connor made his mom very happy and moved back to the East Coast. (Moms are important)
Upon his return, he continued to expand upon what he learned during his two years at Google through both online and formal academic institutions – an ongoing endeavor – while working as a full stack web developer.
Outside of his work as a pilot with Cirrus, Connor spends his time chasing his dogs, building the occasional robot, climbing rocks, and sleeping under the stars as often as life permits.  Connor’s interest in drones dates back to 2012 when he first built one in the workshop / bedroom of his 400 sqft apartment in Las Vegas.
Connor is also a highly intelligent technology professional. There is a LinkedIn profile to verify this.
Jason Ledford’s cockpit dreams began early. Coming from a family steeped in Aviaonics, a young Jason fell in love with the cockpit of an F105 Thunderchief Vietnam era Fighter/Bomber. His father Bruce was an avionics tech in the National Guard, so discussions of all things plane related were common in the Ledford household. Jason’s younger brother Justin is a career pilot who now instructs for Bombardier. Jason has been building and flying Racing Drones in Richmond for the last several years. Our resident “gamer”, Jason uses a headset and goggles to fly his drones.
Jason’s other interests all involve motors and speed. He builds and races motorcyles and cars and can often be found at local Virginia track days, high performance driving schools, and competition events.
Jason is also a highly intelligent technology professional. There is a LinkedIn profile to verify this.
jason's headshot